The government has decided to privatize the Nationale Stichting tot Exploitatie van Casinospelen in Nederland (Holland Casino), currently the only legal casino operator in the Netherlands, and to allow other providers to enter the market. So as the allow for the implementation of this decision, Parliament is to adopt new legislation. The current Holland Casino, with its fourteen branches, will be split up and sold. Ten of these branches will be sold separately. In addition, two new casino licenses will be issued, bringing the possible total number of casinos in the Netherlands from 2017 onwards up to sixteen.

The licenses will be divided over five regions so as to prevent a clustering of casinos in specific parts of the country. The Netherlands Gaming Authority will come to act both as licensor and as regulator. In addition, it will be charged with assessing the practicability of the intended policy. Upon adoption of the plan by both Houses of Parliament, the Netherlands Gaming Authority will start issuing licenses on the basis of the new policy framework. Holland Casino is currently the only legal provider of casino games. The State is the sole shareholder.