Mission and vision

After its establishment in April 2012, the Gaming Authority set itself the following mission, vision and core values.

The full mission is:

The Gaming Authority effectively safeguards a safe and fair gambling market in which people can participate and where gambling addiction is combated.


The Netherlands Gaming Authority has been active on multiple fronts since it was first established in 2012. It has been working hard to realize its 2012 vision. Within three years, society, management, providers, and consumers must perceive the Gaming Authority as a good regulator. This 2012 vision has by now ‘expired’. To investigate whether the ‘outside world’ still believes the Netherlands Gaming Authority to be a good regulator, it started a survey.

This new vision is as follows:

The gaming industry is developing rapidly, making it even more important te ensure that the interests of the consumer are properly safeguarded. The Netherlands Gaming Authority plays a leading role in this connection.

In October 2015, the Netherlands Gaming Authority phrased a new vision with new core values.

Four core values form the essence of the Gaming Authority’s work:

  • Proactive;
  • Consistent;
  • Professional;
  • Transparent.

'Four core values form the basis of the actions taken by all the Authority's employees: Proactive, Consistent, Professional and Transparent.'