Call for interest remote gambling

From 1 December you will be offered the opportunity to express your interest in obtaining a license for remote gambling by submitting the form 'Call for interest remote gambling'.

By means of this call for interest The Netherlands Gaming Authority will be able to inform interested parties about the progress of determining the licensing requirements process. Moreover, this call for interest gives us the opportunity to get acquainted with parties that are interested in obtaining a license for remote gambling.

Strict demands in the Remote Gambling Bill

Please note that the Remote Gambling Bill imposes strict demands on the issuing of licenses. That means for example that a fee will be due for the processing of a license application. According to the Explanatory Notes of the Remote Gambling Bill, an applicant for a remote gambling licence must pay a fee for the processing of the application expected to amount to approximately 40.000 euro. See the other demands: Who will be able to express interest in obtaining a licence for remote gambling?

Legal framework

The Netherlands Gaming Authority would like to draw your attention to the fact that the legal framework on which the future license for remote gambling is going to be based, is still debated in Parliament and has consequently not come into force yet. It is up to the legislator to decide on tasks, responsibilities and powers of The Netherlands Gaming Authority. Your submitted call for interest helps us in the preparation of the coming into force of the Remote Gambling Bill.

Please note that any communication or information in English from The Netherlands Gaming Authority is solely a matter of courtesy. No person should rely on any communication or information from The Netherlands Gaming Authority in any language other than the primary official  language of the Kingdom of The Netherlands (i.e. Dutch), and The Netherlands Gaming Authority is not in any way responsible for any such reliance.